Alta Escuela Domecq

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Tourist Experience

It consists of a private exhibition of the Domecq Equestrian Show, along with a dinner, lunch, or cocktail in our facilities.

Private Exhibits

Alta Escuela Domecq, opens its gates to the audience to offer the most important equine show in Mexico in private exhibitions. Private, just as the biggest equine schools in Europe. The same show presented on tours, can be seen in private visits inside the facilities of our School. Exclusively, in comfortable and modern facilities, this experience is open for tourists, groups, or business. Our visitors experience an authentic Mexican party with Hispanic tints, fulfilling the highest expectations through a mix of the Domecq’s Equestrian Show, enology, gastronomy, mariachi and flamenco music, and a festive environment.

At the end of the show, the audience has the opportunity to meet the riders and the artists, creating a non-forgetting experience sealed with a picture riding a legendary Domecq horse. Private exhibits take place in the facilities of “Alta Escuela Domecq”.

Attention and Booking

Our facilities and Equestrian Shows can be booked for any day of the week. We have flexibility on the day and time for the private exhibits. Advanced booking required.