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Equine Health

The hospital is open to the general public to help in the assistance of horses in the surrounding area.

Its main objective is the health of our patients, ensuring the access to the most advanced medical and chirurgical technology. Taking care of the health and wellbeing of horses, avoiding at all times the suffering caused by diseases or illnesses.

We also consider special situations when owners cannot afford to attend private professionals, in those cases treatment is provided by us labeling it as social clinic. We perceive social medicine as highly important.

Surgery, hospitalization, and isolation facilities are available, as well as a recovery paddock necessary to ensure a faster recovery. We have plenty of experience in sports medicine and breeding techniques, with refrigerated semen as well as natural mating.

Facilities also include stables for mare and foal, and individual stables. The Hospital has an extension of roughly 20,000 square feet, it has a parking lot, and a patio with 4 entrances for any equine transportation. We offer medical and prevention treatments for all kinds of equines: Orthopedia, Hospitalization, buying and pre- buying tests, General Surgery, Rehabilitation, and Rest Paddock.




3 tons Scale

Patio for review of locomotive apparatus with non-slip floor.



1 operating theater

1 inhaled anesthesia machines.


Endoscope (anescope-gastroscope).


Shockwave apparatus.

Orthopedic surgery equipment.

Dental care equipment.

6 hospitalization stables.





Emergency care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Abdominal surgery.


Diagnosis and treatment of locomotor system.

Diagnosis and treatment of reproductive system by


Diagnosis with digital radiology.

Diagnosis by endoscopy (laryngoscopy, gastroscopy, urestroscopy).


Reproductive system surgery.

Care of acute medical or surgical abdominal syndrome.

Chiropractic treatment.

Shockwave therapy.

General Surgery.




Sports medicine.




Collection and evaluation of semen.

Freezing semen.

Bank and storage of semen.

Sale of semen of excellent stud stallions.

Artificial insemination in frozen, cold and fresh.

Diagnosis of gestation by ultrasonography.


Intensive therapy.

Internal Medicine.

Purchase and Sale Exams.

Surgery of abdomen "Colic".