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Open enrollment!

Students who complete the bilingual Technical Degree in programming are going to graduated with extensive knowledge in the equestrian field and be ready to continue the university if they wish.

It has official validity by SEP. In 2 years (four-month system) the student will have the opportunity to take the technical degree and acquire the necessary knowledge in the equestrian specialty.

The student will study basic training, propaedeutic training, personal training, professional training, knowledge areas and optional areas of knowledge, as well as acquire equestrian knowledge in horseback riding, equine therapy, paramedic and horsemanship

We are committed to form young people with responsibility and professionalism, trained to face the labor field in any place of the world. They will have the necessary bases when they finish the two years of this course and decide if they want continue with the university or apply their knowledge in the practice.

SELF-PLANNED MODALITY: (flexible and effective curriculum that is taught in a smaller amount of time and that is specially designed to be able to train our graduates.

DURATION: 2 years in school system (Monday to Friday) 7 am to 4:00 pm, and 2 years 4 months in Saturday system (hours: 8 am to 05:00 pm).

VALIDITY: in academic extension with CUAM and in turn with JHON VON NEWMAN School (RVOE SEP 20161018).

START: quarterly May, August, December 2019.

COSTS: enrollment $ 6,000 pesos, monthly tuition $ 4,500 pesos, we have packages that include lodging, meals and tuition from $9,000 pesos per month.

SCHOLARSHIPS: we have scholarships for students that range from 5 to 20% and are awarded gradually month by month based on the educational achivement of the students.